Hi – I’m Mallory Heinz Ledet. I do tradigital art paintings with my tablet, the Mole (it’s a Wacom – get it?), for the pure enjoyment of creating art.

I studied Fine Art at the College of Saint Benedict, but am largely self-taught when it comes to digital art.

I’m inspired by fairytales, movement, books, archetypes, memorable movies, Renaissance Faires and things with hooves, paws and wings. I like bright colors, soft linen, and cold weather. My top five favorite smells are

  1. Horses and leather tack
  2. Old books
  3. Bonfires
  4. Burning peat
  5. Anything baking

    I’ve been quoted, as an artist, saying “I enjoy hawks.” (I don’t get quoted often.)

    I hope you enjoy my work.

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